Leading From A Distance

  • Be available – be present and available to your staff
  • Assume positive intent – always assume team members have positive intent
  • Consider the style and personality of each team member when setting goals and accountability
  • Be Flexible
  • Ask what works for the employee and take measures to comply
  • Establish priorities for the team (See Role Clarity Section for more information)
  • Set a fair playing field for all the team members (See Role Clarity Section for more information)
  • Be consistent
  • Create procedures for a team member that struggles with accountability

Leading From A Distance – New Normal

  • Be clear on what video meeting edict looks like for your team (see the Training Section for more information)
  • Video conference whenever possible – this is for morale and builds accountability for you and your team
  • Create a Social Media Plan for your team
  • Understand the culture of your team
  • You are the central hub of your team; update meetings are high priority – one at the beginning of the week – to set priorities for the week, and one at the end of the week – to go over what was accomplished throughout the week (should be done sharing screen to get face-time)

Working In Distributed Teams

  • Maintain regular hours – work with leadership to establish your work schedule
  • Schedule and take breaks
  • Don’t hesitate to ask your leader(s) for what you need
  • Keep a dedicated office space

Working In Distributed Teams – New Normal

  • Socialize with colleagues – via the media tools available to you (see Technical Section for more information)
  • “Show Up” to meetings and be heard – contribute your thoughts in virtual meetings
  • Get face time – video conference whenever possible, this keeps you connected to your team, supervisor, and keeps you engaged in meetings (see Technical Section for more information)
  • Over communicate – tell everyone who needs to know about your schedule and availability often
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Begin and end your day with a routine – create habits that signal the beginning or close of the workday
  • Be accountable for your work time (see Accountability Section for more information)